What are Table Groups

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We are better together

At Destiny Church, we believe discipleship happens around the table. We believe that to pursue God, grow together, and make a difference, we must be in community with people who build us up and challenge us to grow. This is why we've created Table Groups.

If you are interested in leading a group or joining a group, you're in the right place! We would love for you to get involved. We have launch new groups every fall and spring, but you can join a group at any time!

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The 4 Legs

Acts 2:42

And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. 

Just like a table has four legs, we've defined four essential legs that make up Table Groups at Destiny Church, based off of Acts 2:42.


"And they devoted themselves to the apostle's teaching..."

Each Table Group meeting should incorporate the Word. We've created some resources for our groups to help facilitate discussion around the Word, as we walk through Scripture verse-by-verse. These "Talk it Over Questions" are the foundation of our groups You can find the Talk it Over questions each week at the link below.


"...and the fellowship,"

One of our core values at Destiny is We Are Better Together. This is why cultivating community is so important. Wherever that community happens--at your home, at the gym, at a local coffee shop--we want to help you center it around Jesus. The Table is not necessarily about a literal table. It's about intentional relationships that help us grow into the people God has created us to be.


"...to the breaking of bread"

We believe nothing is in the Bible on accident. That is why we encourage all of our Table Groups to share a meal at each group meeting. The meal doesn't have to be extravagant. It can be a snack, a cup of coffee, or a potluck dinner. In fact, it's not about the meal at all. It's about taking time to slow down and spend time with your group. Something special happens when you break bread together. Conversation happens, you get to know each other on a deeper level, and community is created.


"...and the prayers."

Scripture tells us to cast our cares on Him, and to bear each other's burdens. Table Groups should take time each week to share prayer requests and lift up each other's needs in prayer together. When we are devoted to seeking God together in prayer, we believe amazing things will happen.


Freedom Groups are available in the Spring semester!

Freedom Groups gather weekly to discuss the Freedom Small Group curriculum, which is designed to equip one to live the victorious and abundant life Christ came to give you. Freedom Groups build on the foundation of your faith in Christ to help you embrace the truth of God’s Word as it relates to your worldview, your past, your sin, your personal value to God, and your purpose in His Kingdom. This group will help you remove every obstacle to intimacy with God and walk in true freedom. 

(13 weeks)


Destiny Church desires every member go through Freedom at least once! Every semester of Freedom concludes with a 2-day, life-changing, Freedom Conference.


It is required that before one leads Freedom, one complete Freedom as a participant in a Freedom group first.