letter from Pastor chad

I think now more than ever we need to start declaring what God has spoken in His WORD. Yes, we need to pay attention to news media and what they are saying, but more than that what does GOD say to us. He is OUR provider. He IS our source. He has a hope and a future for us.  I speak this and declare it over each of you right now. Pray this over your house. Pray this over yourself. Speak life.

Provision  and  Resource


I  seek first the  Kingdom  of  God and  His  righteousness,  and  all  the  things  that  I  need  are  added  unto  me, for  my  heavenly  Father  knows  what  I  need  even  before I  ask.  I  do  not  fear,  for  it  is  my  Father’s  good  pleasure to give me the Kingdom. I  acknowledge  that  all  my  needs  are  met  according  to God’s  riches  in  glory  by  Christ  Jesus.  Grace  and  peace are  multiplied  unto  me  through  the  knowledge  of  God and  of  Jesus  my  Lord.  His  divine  power  has  given  me all  things  that  pertain  unto  life  and  godliness,  through the  knowledge  of  Him  that  has  called  me  to  glory  and virtue.  Blessed  be  the  God  and  Father  of  my  Lord  Jesus Christ,  who  has  blessed  me  with  every  spiritual  blessing  in  the  heavenly  places  in  Christ.  The  Lord  is  a  sun and  a  shield  to  me  and  will  give  me  grace  and  glory.  No  good  thing  will  He  withhold  from  me  as  I  walk uprightly.  I  choose  to  sow  bountifully,  therefore  I  will  reap  bountifully.  I  give  to  the  Lord,  to  His  people,  and  to  the needy  as  I  purpose  in  my  heart  to  give.  I  do  not  give grudgingly  or  out  of  compulsion,  for  my  God  loves  a cheerful  giver.  God  makes  all  grace  abound  towards me,  that  I  always  have  enough  for  all  things  so  that  I may abound unto every good work. T he Lord  supplies  seed  for  me  to  sow  and  bread  for  my food.  He  also  supplies  and  multiplies  my  seed  for  sowing,  and  He  increases  the  fruits  of  my  righteousness. I  am  enriched  in  everything  unto  great  abundance, which brings much thanksgiving to God.  I  bring  all  my  tithes  into  the  Lord’s  storehouse  so  that there  is  meat  in  His  house.  As  a  result,  He  opens  up the  windows  of  heaven  and  pours  out  a  blessing  for me  so  that  there  is  not  room  enough  to  contain  it.  He rebukes  the  devourer  for  my  sake,  so  that  he  does  not destroy  the  fruits  of  my  ground  and  neither  does  my vine  cast  its  grapes  before  the  time.  All  the  nations shall  call  me  blessed  for  I  shall  have  a  delightful  life.  I am  blessed  because  I  consider  the  poor.  Because  I  give freely  to  the  poor  I  will  never  want.  My  righteousness endures forever. I  remember  the  Lord  my  God,  for  it  is  He  who  gives me  the  power  to  make  wealth,  that  He  may  confirm His  covenant.  Because  Jesus  Christ,  my  Savior,  diligently  listened  to  the  voice  of  God  and  obeyed  all  the commandments,  the  Lord  will  set  me  high  above  all the  nations  of  the  earth  and  all  the  blessings  in  the Kingdom  shall  come  upon  me  and  overtake  me.  Christ became  poor  so  that  through  His  poverty  I  might become rich. Jesus  came  so  that  I  would  have  life  in  its  abundance. I  am  very  blessed  and  favored  of  God  and  have  been called to be a blessing to others.


Scriptural References Matthew 6:33; Philippians 4:19; Luke 12:32; John 10:10; 2 Peter 1:2-3; Ephesians 1:3; Psalm 41:1; 84:11; 112:1, 9; 2 Corinthians 8:9; 9:6-11; Proverbs 28:27; Genesis 12:2; Malachi 3:8-12; Deuteronomy 8:18; 28:1-2

love your neighbor

Help Love Your Neighbor!

From now until April 9th we are selling t-shirts to raise money to help buy food for those in need. There are shirt sizes for kids as well as adults, and ALL profits will go to help in the fight against COVID-19. 

You can choose to have the shirt(s) shipped directly to your home for a flat rate, OR we will offer two curbside pick up dates at either Destiny Church Republic or Destiny Church Marshfield.

Pick up dates:
Saturday, April 18 from 10 AM to 12 PM
Monday, April 20 from 5 PM to 7 PM

Even though we are separated, we are better together.


founding pastors chad & tosha blansit

Pastor's Chad & Tosha are the founding and lead pastors at Destiny Church. In the winter of 2005 Chad Blansit and his family followed the call of God and moved to Republic, Missouri to plant a church; with the hopes of attracting the unreached and unchurched of the region.  In February 2006 the dream of what is now Destiny Church started with a small gathering of potential launch team members.  Their first service was held in May 2006 with 50 in attendance.  Little did they know that from that small beginning, an amazing journey stood before them!

That journey has brought them to reaching hundreds of people from all walks of life every weekend through various forms of ministry.  In addition to the amazing weekend experience, Destiny Church is also involved in various outreach efforts to the community.