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Video games are something today's kids are familiar with... maybe even too familiar! Games are played on every platform from game consoles to handheld devices/phones, and there are a ton of different games to choose from. But that constant across the diverse gaming universe is that every game has levels of increasing difficulty. When a player "levels up," they are usually met with more challenges but also with more rewards. Through this series, we are challenging kids to "level up" their faith by examining the events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection. Even though they might be facing difficulties and adversity of their own, kids will find the greatest rewards in their faith when they fix their eyes on Jesus. Because Jesus trusted God, Jesus beat death! When we doubt and have questions about God, Jesus helps me believe, and even during those times, Jesus is always with me. 

During this time, when we are unable to come together in person, we want to equip our families to continue pouring into Destiny Kids. Below you will find something for you to do with your kid(s) all week long.  We also have virtual life groups as well with the kids. If you are interested in your child joining our virtual life group, email us at:  Republic area: Marshfield area:

Sermon Sunday

THIS WEEK: Kids will learn about Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane, as he knew His death was near. And learn how Jesus trusted God. 

BIG IDEA: Jesus Trusted God!

READ: Matthew 26:36-46; (Psalm 28:7)

WATCH: Check out the video below!

APPLY:  Jesus knew what God was asking Jesus to do, and that some men were coming to arrest Jesus. These men were going to hurt Jesus and nail Jesus to a cross, and Jesus would die. This was going to be the hardest thing Jesus would have to do, but Jesus trusted God. Jesus knew when this happened, everyone could be forgiven of their sins and have a relationship with God forever. Do you know what a sin is? A sin is when we do something, anything, that God doesn't want us to do. We all sin from time to time and we all make mistakes. So, Jesus prayed to God. Who knows what the word "pray" means? It simply meant so talk to God.  Jesus asked God, "If there is any other way to do this, then let's do that instead. But if not, I will do what You ask." In other words, Jesus trusted God so much, Jesus was willing to do what God asked, even though it was hard. And it's a good thing Jesus did because that's what saved us! 

NEXT WEEK: We are talking about the main event in the story of Easter: The Resurrection of Jesus!


Talk it over

Use this guide below to help lead your kids dig a little deeper with the lesson from this week. In this guide you will find some great questions to  help guide the conversation.  There is even a fun activity you can do as a family as well.  We hope with this you are able to grow your relationship with your kids and their relationship with God.

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Memory Verse monday

We believe that learning and memorizing God’s word is one of the most important things to teach our kids. Check out this video and practice the motions with your kids.

Hebrews 12:2

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of faith.


Prayer Time Tuesday

Hey, Destiny Kids, I want you to close your eyes and ponder on the following question. 

How do you think Jesus felt knowing how hard it was going to be? 

Jesus trusted God with everything. Even though this was going to be hard, Jesus knew God could be trusted. Sometimes, God will ask us to do something that is hard or even a little bit scary. But we can trust God will be with us and help us. Spend the next few minutes asking God how you can trust Him in your life more. 

Remember.... Jesus trusted God and so can you! 


Wacky Worship Wednesday!

Who is excited for WACKY WORSHIP WEDNESDAY?  Let’s get your wiggles out and praise Jesus! Check out the YouTube page below for three of our favorite Sunday morning worship songs.  

Kids: Teach your parents the motions! 

Parents: Share a picture of your kids worshiping on our Destiny Kids facebook page!


THursday - Let's Get creative!

In this week's Bible story, Jesus went into the garden to spend quiet time with God. Use Play-Doh and chenille wires (or other supplies, be CREATIVE) to make the garden where Jesus prayed. Please do not forget to  post a picture or video on our Facebook page to be entered for Day 4 of our Easter Giveaway. 




PARENTS: Ask you kids the following questions and engage in discussion. 

Who is someone you trust? (such as a teacher, a parent, a friend)

How do you now you can trust them?

Has that person ever given you directions you really didn't want to do? What was it? 

Do you think you can trust God?

What things remind you that you can trust God?

What hard things might God be asking us to do?

Sometimes it can be easy to trust others, but not always. Especially if they are asking us to do something we don't fully understand. This week we have seen what Jesus did when in a similar situation! Jesus trusted God! 


Family fun fridays

Hey DC family! Here are a few options to keep your kids active today and throughout the weekend.

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  • trust walk

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    Minute to WIn it Games

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