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Kids are faced with challenges every day that require some level of bravery, such as having to step out of their comfort zones, sticking up for someone or something they believe in, or simply being comfortable with and confident of who they are. The Bible stories about David and Esther in this series may seem larger than life at first. How do I relate to someone who was able to take down a giant with a sling? How can I actually do anything when I don’t have any power or authority – both David and Esther were royals! But upon closer inspection, kids will come to realize that David and Esther had God’s help –a lot of it –along the way. Through these stories, kids can discover small ways they can exhibit bravery, because God knows who they are and God can use their gifts. They will also find that a form of bravery is to show others mercy. Their bravery will be put the test with challenges, but God can help overcome those difficulties, and they can rest assured that God has a plan for their lives!

Sermon Sunday

THIS WEEK: This week, kids learn about being brave through the story of David sparing Saul's life.

READ: 1 Samuel 24:1-18; Luke 6:36 

Instruction: Look up the story in your Bible and encourage the kids to do the same. Read it! 

In the chapters leading up to today's passage, David had become a hero in the eyes of the Israelites, especially after he fought and defeated Goliath. Saul, who was king at the time, became jealous of David's success and popularity, so much so, that he wanted to harm David. David knew this, so he ran and hid from Saul, and that's where we pick up the story.


  • How many troops did Saul send after David?
  • Where did Saul and David end up together?
  • What did David's men want David to do to Saul?
  • How did David respond?
  • How did Saul respond to David?

Two lives were changed that day: David showed mercy to someone who wanted to harm him and Saul received mercy that he did not deserve. The same thing happens when we show mercy to someone. We feel at peace and the other person feels gratitude.

NEXT WEEK:  Next week, kids learn about being brave through the story of Esther adapting to a new culture and becoming queen.

WATCH: Check out the video below!


Talk it over

Use this guide below to help your kids dig a little deeper into the lesson from this week. In this guide you will find some great questions to help guide the conversation. We hope, with this, you are able to grow your relationship with your kids and their relationship with God.

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Memory Verse monday

Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, 

for I am your God. 


Prayer Time Tuesday

Kids take the next few minutes, ask God to help you think of 3 people you can pray for. Then write their names down in your journal or a piece of paper. Then begin to pray for them and their families. 


Wacky Worship Wednesday!

Who is excited for WACKY WORSHIP WEDNESDAY?  Let’s get your wiggles out and praise Jesus! Check out the YouTube page below for two of our favorite Sunday morning worship songs.  

Kids: Teach your parents the motions! 

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Family Fun fridays

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