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No matter how many larger than life stories they hear, most kids will always think they are too small or insignificant to make an impact. As a result, "living for God" often ends with church attendance and rarely God will give them the necessary tools to do the right thing for God. In "Crossover," we are meeting everyday people who were led to do extraordinary things through God's gifts of extraordinary peace, strength, courage, and help-all things made available to use today! 

During this time, when we are unable to come together in person, we want to equip our families to continue pouring into Destiny Kids. Below you will find something for you to do with your kid(s) all week long.  We also have virtual life groups as well with the kids. If you are interested in your child joining our virtual life group, email us at

Sermon Sunday

THIS WEEK: Kids will learn about how God called Gideon to save the Israelites from the Midianites.

READ: Joshua 3:10-4:9, Psalm 136

Today's Bible story comes from the book of Judges, chapter 6. This story is about aman named Gideon. Gideon was an Israelite, which means he was a part of God'sspecial family. At this time, the Israelites were really struggling with worshiping idols rather than just God. Does anyone know what an idol is? Yeah, it's something you worship instead ofGod.The golden calf is the most famous one, which Moses had to teach the Israelites to stop worshiping, but there are others throughout history, as well. Worshiping idols does not make God happy, and God was very angry with the Israelites. As a consequence of their actions, the Israelites spent a long time being ruled by a group of people called the Midianites.God appeared to Gideon and said Gideon was going to be used to free the Israelitesfrom the Midianites. Gideon wasn't so sure, though. So, Gideonasked God to prove it.First, Gideon set out a fleece skin and asked God to make the fleece skin wet with dew, but keep all the ground under it and around it dry. Gideon figured that if God did that, then Gideon would take it as a sign that God was going to do as promised and help Gideon free the Israelites. Guess what happened? If your guess was that the fleece got wet, but the ground stayed dry, you are exactly right!But Gideon still wasn't sure, so the next night he asked God to do the opposite. Thistime, Gideon wanted the fleece to be dry and the ground to be wet. Guess what? God Did exactly what Gideon asked! Knowing God was really and truly on his side, Gideon decided to call together an army of Israelites to fight beside him.


NEXT WEEK: Kids learn about how God helped Joshua and the Israelites defeat Jericho.

WATCH: Check out the video below!


Talk it over

Use this guide below to help your kids dig a little deeper into the lesson from this week. In this guide you will find some great questions to help guide the conversation. We hope, with this, you are able to grow your relationship with your kids and their relationship with God.

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Memory Verse monday

It's a NEW month, which means we have a NEW memory verse! Check out the motion video and start learning Ephesians 3:20

God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. 


Prayer Time Tuesday

Kids take the next few minutes, ask God to help you think of 3 people you can pray for. Then write their names down in your journal or a piece of paper. Then begin to pray for them and their families. 


Wacky Worship Wednesday!

Who is excited for WACKY WORSHIP WEDNESDAY?  Let’s get your wiggles out and praise Jesus! Check out the YouTube page below for two of our favorite Sunday morning worship songs.  

Kids: Teach your parents the motions! 

Parents: Share a picture of your kids worshiping on our Destiny Kids Facebook page!


Thursday's- Let's get creative


Tissue paper (Red, yellow and orange)

Paper or paper plate


stickers (Optional)

coloring supplies


Have your child decorate their paper plate or piece of paper. Then roll it up to make a cone shape. You can tape the plate to stay in place as a cone. Then have your child place one of each color of the tissue paper inside. Again you may tape it down as well to keep it from falling out. 

Family Fun fridays

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