DC Republic life groups

We are so excited that you are considering a Free Market Life Group!  Life Groups exist to help you find community...relationships that will be there to encourage and support you through the ups and downs of life.  CHECK BACK REGULARLY.  We have a fluid life group system which means new groups can be started at anytime.  Interested in starting a group?  EMAIL US and we'll get you more information!

  • broken chains fitness

    Focus:  A Christ centered fitness class, where we will do a variety of workout formats, while weaving Scripture into our time together. This group will be filled with great music, great workouts, fun games, laughs, encouragement and an amazing community. For any and ALL fitness levels. Men and women welcome. Ages 13+. 

    Meetings:  Weekly

    Leader:  Tasha Lewis

  • couch to 5k

    Focus:  Lace up your running shoes as we train for a 5k! This life group is designed to get you off the couch and get running. Whether you are a non-runner or a competitive runner...this life group is for you!  Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.  Hebrews 12:1

    Meetings: TBD
    Leaders:  Ashley Gilmore and Kelly Hobbs

  • dad bod club

    Focus: We're a group of men trying to maintain a healthy Dad Bod figure by completing a run early on Sunday. (Because you know the rest of the day will include sitting on the couch and consuming lots of food.) 

    Meetings: Sundays TBD

    Leader:  Rob Buchanan

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  • DC outdoors

    Focus:  Fellowship in the outdoors.  Hunting, fishing, hiking, learning  the outdoors.

    Meetings:  Once a month for 12 months so that we can get all of the seasons.

    Leaders:  Chris Ritchie and Jake McAlister.

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  • it's a jeep thing

    Focus:  As the weather permits we will gather Jeeps together and go for a road trip that would last 4-5 hours.  If weather doesn't allow us to go for a drive we will hangout and try different places to eat around the area.
    Meetings:  Sundays after church, once a month.

    Leaders:  Joe Ferrier and Doug Boatright

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  • verse swap & prayer

    Focus:  Women Only.  Bring yourself and your verse (please write it out on paper – it can be a sticky note, envelope, anything…just needs to be handwritten).  Through the our conversations we will listen, support, and use our verses to remind us that God is in control and His word is life.  After the discussion we will swap our verses so each lady will leave with another’s verse to take home. We will then pray for one another and any prayer requests brought to the group.

    Meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30. Will last 1 to 1 ½ hr.

    Leader:  Connie Bramel

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  • warrior marriages

    Focus:  Marriage is hard work so covering that with prayer every day no matter if things are good or not is essential. You can have date nights, intimacy  and laughs, but if you haven't learned to guard your marriage with warrior prayer you will struggle.  The main resource required for this group will be the book "The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage."  Come ready to fight on your knees for your families and marriages. 

    Meetings:  Twice a month on Sunday evenings from 5pm - 7pm 

    Leaders: Kevin and Brandi Easterday

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