Psalm 133 | Relationships will always supersede issues in importance. Unity will require us to focus on vision (purpose, mission and principles). The efforts of every individual will be harnessed to the vision. A team approach to ministry, problem solving and decision making and operating within the integrity of our structure will be the norm. All disagreements and offenses will be dealt with in a timely and biblical manner.  


Matthew 5:16 | In every area of ministry and administration we will be standard bearers for the glory of God. Every individual and ministry will carry the spirit of excellence (not perfectionism), embracing the continuous effort to do better, and always striving for God’s best. 


James 4:6 | The spirit of leadership will be the servant spirit. The higher a person’s ascendancy in the organizational structure, the more their rights decrease and their responsibilities increase. 


Ezekiel 44 | Administration will be the servant of ministry, not the master. Policies exist to enable ministry to function with effective and predictable results, not to hinder or quench kingdom work. 


Hebrews 11:6 | We will be decisive and proactive based on God’s revealed direction and plans. Though we will guard against presumption, we will not be driven or hindered by fear based on circumstances or the unknown. 


Jeremiah 22:13-16 | We will be committed to justice and right treatment of all individuals. We will not show partiality to any individual or group, and will strive to remain above reproach in all dealings with people. 


Philippians 4:5 | We will express an attitude and spirit of compassion and mercy balanced with truth, to all individuals. We will be outward focused, with a desire to reach the lost and to heal and restore the hurting. 


Romans 13:1 | We embrace God’s ultimate position of authority (Jesus is the Head of the Church) and God’s plan for local delegated authority. We will adhere to the principles of submission to and honoring of authority at all levels of the organization and will operate within the integrity of our authority structure. We will allow appeal with a right spirit within our established protocol. 


Philippians 2:15 | We uphold all biblical standards for conduct and reputation for personal, family, business, financial and community involvement for all individuals in the organization. We will strive to remain above reproach in all areas, realizing that we represent Christ to the world as His ambassadors. 


2 Corinthians 9:6 | We will seek opportunities to generously share our resources and reproduce what God has produced in us and given to us.

Kingdom Centered

1 Corinthians 12:14-27 | We will be committed to advancing the work of the Kingdom in the body of Christ at large by recognizing and supporting other churches and ministries that God gives us opportunity to co-labor with. 

Truth and Spirit Centered

John 1, 14, 16 | We are committed to being fully grounded in scriptural truth and fully empowered by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is our road map, and the Holy Spirit is our guide and empowerment to reach God’s destiny for us as a church.